Inclusion. The blog for the Center for Disability Studies.

About the blog

Its purpose

Our blog seeks to educate and be a source and center of debate; to create buzz and bring about change; to reach people with disabilities and people whose work and lives impact, or are impacted by, people with disabilities.

Its writers

They’re advocates and experts, teachers and students, people with disabilities and people without disabilities. We invite many writers to contribute to the blog; others ask us if they can participate. Some of our bloggers are constants, some write for us a few months, some once or twice. If you have an interest in writing for the CDS Inclusion Blog, contact

Its subjects

Bloggers come up with most of their topics. However, readers may also suggest subjects that they’d like bloggers to address. Readers can convey their ideas directly to bloggers when they comment on individual blog posts, or they can suggest topics by submitting them at

Its readers

We strongly encourage our audience to comment on the blog posts they read. Bloggers will endeavor to promptly reply to readers’ comments. We reserve the right to edit or withhold readers’ comments if they include insulting or offensive language.