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Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, pursuing a degree in Public Policy with a minor in Disability Studies. While completing her undergraduate program, Katie will also be pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. Her course of study reflects her interest in disability advocacy in order to improve the quality of services and meaningful inclusion of individuals with disabilities. While new to the scene, Katie expects her blog posts will reflect her engagement as a scholar, her interest in public policy, as well as her personal relationships with close friends and peers with disabilities. She is fascinated with how to improve aspects of living for people with disabilities in terms of accessibility, inclusive education and employment, community based living, racial disparity and so much more.

On campus, Katie is heavily involved in the Honors program, living as a peer mentor in the Honor’s freshmen dorm. In addition, Katie is a site leader for UDaB (University of Delaware alternative Breaks), where she’ll be leading a spring break trip to Camp Royall in North Carolina, a recreational overnight-camp for kids with autism. Katie’s favorite thing to do over summer break is work at Special Camp for Special Kids, a summer day-camp for individuals with disabilities, back in her hometown in Southern California. When she isn’t working, she enjoys playing the piano, watching Ted Talk videos, crafting and traveling with her family.

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